Advises of Mohammad Hafeez to Captain Sarfraz Ahmed

Advises of Mohammad Hafeez to Captain Sarfraz Ahmed

Sarfraz has proven now and again that he is hard-working cricketer and leader that ensure his team to be on one-line. However, after slipping away of two home-series he has posed doubts over his captaincy. Mohammad Hafeez, who has given his duties as a Captain for Pakistan Cricket team from the year 2012-2014 gave quick advices to Sarfraz Ahmed.

In the same interview he revealed why he was leaving test cricket, he left notes of wisdom for the present Captain. From his experience he said that a captain is always under the state of constant struggle as there is a huge responsibility on the captain to take the team to great lengths. Winning is just one part of the game, every team strives to be the winner but when that does not happen all fingers are raised at the captain.

Interviewer: “What are the advices that you would like to give to Sarfraz Ahmed on leaving Test-Cricket?”

Presently, Sarfraz is facing immense pressure because of the recent not-very-good performances. Hafeez said that he found stand in the face of criticism from Media and try to absorb it because he cannot win them with argument but only with his performance. He should give them respect and give himself time to process all the negativity. He further said that Sarfraz Ahmed is an exceptional player that has brought great wins to Pakistan. Sarfraz should focus more on building his individual performance in the upcoming South-Africa series.

When told that the PCB owner, Mohsin Ali thinks Sarfraz was not the right choice for captaincy he said that there must be no judgement placed only upon the basis of 10-matches but let there be patience for this star to rise again.

The interviewer put forward the question: “Do you think that the dominating personality of Mickey Arthur is one of the factors to hinder Sarfraz’s growth?”

Well, it is about the power of position and when you are a captain you need to take decisions on your own because at the end of the say you are answerable to wins or losses. A captain is held responsible for making the strategies which will either prove to be favorable or a fail. All the decisions are taken after a strong discussion with the selectors and a captain must be keen to speak up his points. There should be no question of interference from other side. 

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